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Apex Dental d.o.o.  Dental X-RAY Centre has been successfully operating since 2009 and is continuously working to improve the quality and the technical level of equipment and education in the field of dental digital diagnosis. Apex Dental offers services of teeth and oral cavity imaging using the currently most advanced available technology, exposing the patient to a minimum amount of radiation still obtaining an excellent result at the lowest cost. Apex Dental d.o.o. gives your doctor the best possible basis for determining the current condition, an analysis as well as monitoring the results.

3D cbct technology has been applied in Zadar since 1st January 2013, i.e. three-dimensional imaging of teeth oral structures, sinuses and temporomandibular joints,, which has raised the diagnosis and treatment plan to the highest level of reliability as 2D images, most commonly in use, have their benefits and shortfalls which reflect in the fact that structures overlap and one has no idea what they look like in space.In 3d cbct images such a limitation does not exist since the anatomic structure of the mouth is scanned three-dimensionally to the computer screen and analysed in a 3d image, which perfectly suits the scanned area in the mouth and enables a precise measurement of the anatomic structures with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, thus giving an accurate insight into the inter-relationships among all structures and revealing the existence of pathological structures such as cysts, granulomas, tumors or fractures.

3D technology however is most often used in implant therapy planning for accurately measuring the thickness of the bone and assessing the use of dental implants, and thus removes all doubts and dilemmas which therapists might have when planning an implant therapy based only on a 2D orthoplan ,which in contrast does not provide such an accurate insight into the dimension and spatial orientation of the dental bone ridge, the position and size of the maxillary sinuses or the orientation of the mandibular canal and alveolar nerve during operations performed on the lower jaw.

Apart from the above-mentioned, a huge benefit of a 3d image is that from the wealth of information obtained by scanning, every possible cross-section of the scanned area can be extracted from the panoramic across the sagittal and transverse to the horizontal one.

Finally, what is most important for the health of patients is the fact that cbct technology or cone beam imaging uses much lower doses of radiation than the conventional MSCT imaging and the imaging lasts from 4.9 to 12 seconds.

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